International AI invention convergence creative Olympic

International AI invention convergence creative Olympic, AIJAM, is an international invention competition based in Silicon Valley. It is a global platform where the most outstanding students and inspiring companies can share their ideas with the tech leaders of the world. Based in Hacker Dojo, a birthplace of the Silicon Valley startup culture, AIJAM submissions are shared and reviewed by professionals from tech giants and major academic institutions within the bay area.

  • Mountain View, California, USA.
  • 16 - 18 August 2019
  • Application Deadline: 30 Mei 2019

Registration Form

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I, hereby, register myself as one of the candidate of Indonesian delegates in the above International event(s) of INNOPA. I will obey all the applicable rules and regulations in INNOPA and also follow all of the selection processes. If I am selected to be the representative of Indonesia, I will bear all of the costs such as registration fee, booth rental, accomodation, transportation, and consumption for me and my team (if any) during the event takes place.