Institution Partners


Ministry of Law and Human Rights Indonesia

The Ministry of Law and Human Rights is an Indonesian ministry that administers laws and human rights. In Indonesia, INNOPA is under this Ministry according to the Deed of Establishment No. AHU-0016971 year 2016. Since then, INNOPA officially became partner for the Ministry and usually invited to be one of the speakers in any seminar or talk show held by the Ministry.

National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN)

In order to help INNOPA initiating commercialization process to the inventor projects, we partner with researchers from Government institution to help young inventors develop their projects and make it ready for market. In the recent years, INNOPA helps to mix match inventors with some experts and researchers from BRIN.


International Federation of Inventors Association (IFIA)

IFIA was established in 1968 and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. IFIA is the global platform for invention and innovation aimed to disseminate the culture of invention and innovation, also support inventors transfer technology as well as establish cooperation with the related organizations. Since 2015, INNOPA has officially became the member of IFIA with the letter No. M15-03-03

World Invention and Intellectual Property Association (WIIPA)

World Invention Intellectual Property Associations (WIIPA) is a non-profit social organization aimed to improve the status of inventors at international levels and enhance mutual assistance and experience amongst inventors of the world. WIIPA’s headquarter is located in Taipei, Taiwan. INNOPA has officially become the representative of WIIPA in Indonesia since 2011.