Perlis International Engineering Invention & Innovation Exhibition (Pi-Envex)

The Pi-ENVEX is organized by ENVEX Young Researcher Club (EYReC), Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) and supported by Malaysian Research & Innovation Society (MyRIS), World Invention Intellectual Property Association (WIIPA) and Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia. We expect more than 500 participants, including young inventors at the age of 12-25 coming from the various participating countries, territories and organizations.

We are pleased to invite you and your organization to join the Exhibition Pi-ENVEX in Perlis, Malaysia.

On this occasion, the Pi-ENVEX would give an opportunity to promising young innovators or scientist to share creative idea(s) among one another and also provide an excellent exposure of invention and technological advancements in various sectors. The Pi-ENVEX will also provide an excellent opportunity to tighten our relationship and will give participants chances to explore a peaceful and friendly country of Malaysia especially Perlis as we know the state that are bordered to Thailand.

Registration Form

    I, hereby, register myself as one of the candidate of Indonesian delegates in the above International event(s) of INNOPA. I will obey all the applicable rules and regulations in INNOPA and also follow all of the selection processes. If I am selected to be the representative of Indonesia, I will bear all of the costs such as registration fee, booth rental, accomodation, transportation, and consumption for me and my team (if any) during the event takes place.