International Innovation and Invention Show (INTARG) 2021

The 13th International Invention and Innovation Show INTARG, organized by Haller Pro Invention Foundation, will be held from 18-19, June, 2020 in International Conference Centre in Katowice. 

There will be more than twenty countries in the competition, including the neighboring countries like Germany, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, etc. It gathers the European companies, individual inventors, research institutions and universities in this Europe’s invention leading event. For many years, INTARG has been a platform offering a wonderful networking opportunity and allows the exhibiters to establish new contacts, which will pay off in current as well as in future activity. 

The Exhibition will be held in a newly opened congress centre, modern world-class building, which meets the requirements of international congress and exhibition organizations. Ultra-modern architecture of this building is picturesquely confronted with the industrial surroundings of the city of Katowice. The 12th INTARG invites sincerely the inventors to join this annual event. We hope let your innovation and creativity shine and be seen on the stage of the the world.

Registration Form

    I, hereby, register myself as one of the candidate of Indonesian delegates in the above International event(s) of INNOPA. I will obey all the applicable rules and regulations in INNOPA and also follow all of the selection processes. If I am selected to be the representative of Indonesia, I will bear all of the costs such as registration fee, booth rental, accomodation, transportation, and consumption for me and my team (if any) during the event takes place.