Croatia – INOVA International Invention Show

INOVA is a traditional national exhibition of inventions which since 1971 has been regularly displaying the best of the technical inventive work in Croatia. INOVA is encouraging and symbolizing the innovative spirit in Croatia. Over the past 40 years of its existence INOVA has brought together, promoted and presented to the public thousands of domestic and hundreds of foreign inventions. INOVA is an exhibition of inventions, new products and innovations of young people. A lot of entertainment features will include attractive prizing programs. Indeed, the organizers are preparing numerous medals which will be conferred on the basis of decisions by an international jury. Many international awards, Mayor of Zagreb Award, Best Croatian and Best International Award are already announced …

Registration Form

    I, hereby, register myself as one of the candidate of Indonesian delegates in the above International event(s) of INNOPA. I will obey all the applicable rules and regulations in INNOPA and also follow all of the selection processes. If I am selected to be the representative of Indonesia, I will bear all of the costs such as registration fee, booth rental, accomodation, transportation, and consumption for me and my team (if any) during the event takes place.