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User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are now essential to maintain industrial revolution 4.0. UI/UX designers will resolve the problems regarding satisfying users through the appearance and supporting features. It proved by the data of increasing of internet and digital user year a year as previous slide shows.


Hence, the course for UI and UX designers will generate high enthusiasm due to their skills and knowledges. However, all of them are comprehensive and reach almost all fields for practice, from marketing through web design to human-computer interaction.

Crash Course

An introduction of UI/UX Design specially designed for students of any age and major.
Learn everything you need to start your own UI/UX Project from A to Z effectively in 6 hours and take your International UI/UX Certification to fill your portfolio. 


Rp. 3M / Student
  • Max. 10 Students
  • Fully Interactive Class
  • Fast & Compact Class
  • Global Standard UI/UX Course
  • International Certification

Our Expert

Dr. Satish Bhavankar

Active mentor in:
1. Springboard
2. UX India
3. UMO.Design

Working in the digital arena since 1998, he brings to the table hands-on experience in user experience Design, business management and Open Innovation.

Download your syllabus for UI/UX Crash Course, here

UI/UX Crash Course

1st Batch : Open for 25th September Class

2nd Batch : Open for 9th October Class

3rd Batch : Waiting for Available Schedule

4th Batch : Waiting for Available Schedule

UI/UX Advance Class

Waiting for Available Schedule

UI/UX Professional Class

Waiting for Available Schedule

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