Innovation and Entrepreneurship Workshop

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The lack of individual skills makes it difficult for Indonesia to produce new entrepreneurs. In fact, entrepreneurship is important to create new jobs, absorb labor, increase state tax revenues, encourage community innovation, and become an indicator of Indonesia’s competitiveness in the global arena.

Nurturing entrepreneurship has proven to be the best way to create a sustainable economy. Associating with Startups is an interesting way to start one’s career. Large organizations consider Employees with entrepreneurial skills as an asset. The workshop will enable the participants to get into the psyche of an entrepreneur and think like one

Ideaton Master Class

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  • Focused in Intellectual Property
  • The secret of pitching
  • Global Standard UI/UX Course
  • International Certification

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Our Expert

Naveen Lakkur

Founder and Chief Innovation Coach at  Institute of Inspiring Innovation

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Exploring Entrepreneurship

1st Batch : Open for 2nd October Class

2nd Batch : Open for 16th October Class

3rd Batch : Waiting for Available Schedule

4th Batch : Waiting for Available Schedule

Ideaton Master Class

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a Little Extra

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