3D Printing and Modeling

Don’t Worry, You Can Make Anything!

Our initiative in encouraging the growth of 3D Creative Industry through Nurturing Creativity, Local Competition, and Acceleration for creating an ecosystem of Indonesia’s 3D Makers.

Beginner Plan

Rp. 300K / Course
  • Choose Your Own Class
  • 1 Week Class
  • Max. 10 Student
  • 3 Assesments
  • Student Certification

Available Classes

Already decided on your plan? Now choose which class you want to go to!

Fusion 360

A light Cloud-Based Modeling Program from Autodesk.

Learn how to do a collaborative product development where you and your team can work together using your own computer to developed a product design in real time.

If your main focus is just to make a product design with your team, choose this.


A state of the art computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided engineering (CAE) used by millions of engineers across the world.

Need to make some complex and intricate mechanical part?

this is class is your best bet!


A program heavily used by  architectural and interior designer, landscape and civil engineer, or even a film and video game maker.

As long as you didn’t need it to do a complicated mechanical part, you’ll be fine with this.

3D Print

Already know how to design your prototype?

Take this class and bring your prototype into life by using a 3D Printer!
Learn how to use different filaments, achieve best fit and finishes for your final print, use a metal fitting into your plastic parts, and so much more!

Even if you didn’t know how to design something, learn how to download and print an open source design out there and bring it into life for you to use.

Why do I need to pick a more Advance Program?

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Advance Plan


Expert Plan



How’s staging between each plan works?

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