How to register?

Since 2017, all Indonesian young inventors can register their project in the International innovation competitions managed by INNOPA either they have become member of INNOPA or not. For those who have become member of INNOPA, you will get some benefits that can be read here. If you are not member of INNOPA, but you intend to register yourself as member of INNOPA, you can click here.

Registration Procedures of INNOPA’s Events:

  1. Choose one of the competitions that you want to join.
  2. Reading the details of each event first carefully, if you are ready, click the “Apply Online” button.

You are already registered in one of INNOPA’s event. Kindly please wait the confirmation that will be sent from us by email (maximum 7 working days) after the registration. If after seven working days, there is no confirmation from us, it means that your project is still not suitable to participate in that event.