The Patent Magazine is media partner of INNOPA

INNOPA has signed an international partnership with the magazine “The Patent” to promote the culture of innovation and give visibility to the brightest minds of Indonesia.

Supporting young inventors, encouraging matching between stakeholders and presenting the most innovative prototypes: these are the objectives of the partnership signed between “The Patent” and INNOPA. Thanks to this agreement, the magazine will become the privileged channel for the dissemination and promotion of the activities promoted and organized by the Association.

Indonesian Invention and Innovation Promotion Association (INNOPA) is an association that concerns in the development and promotion of innovation in Indonesia. INNOPA’s aim is to help and link Indonesian innovators to show their innovative ideas or products to the International level. The association aims to prepare Indonesian innovators to face Industrial Revolution 4.0 through the development and promotion of Innovation in International level. To achieve this goal, INNOPA conducts training and seminar of innovation, provides guidance to be a great innovator, provides information service about innovation to the society. The Association also make a great collaboration with certain community or institution aimed to improve skill of Indonesian innovators, promoting intellectual property rights. INNOPA also helps innovators to promote their products in International market e links innovators with potential investors. 

The beginning of the the new partnership

The inventions, patents and activities promoted by INNOPA will be previewed on the pages of “The Patent” and on the website Their projects are strongly in tune with the spirit of the magazine and it has been decided to stipulate a Memorandum of Understanding for the promotion of activities of common interest.

INNOPA and “The Patent” are confident that this partnership will help advance the inventor community and the world of innovation.

Further information is available on the official website